A Question For The Ages Finally Answered...

May 2nd, 2010

For a number of months, people have been asking a particular question, one that has been asked to a number of people involved with the show, including Matt Maiellaro himself.

The question: What were Shark and Mouse disucssing while they were underwater? The answer, was sent to my e-mail box this past week, courtesy of Williams Street staffers Ned Hastings and John Brestan:

Shark: Um... Did he tell you about the job?

Mouse: mm-hm

Shark: That's goo- That's good, right?

Mouse: No.

Shark: Look, When you drink you're drinking (beat) and when you're
drinking... you have

Mouse: No

Shark: Hey Mouse.

Mouse kicks door open.


So there you have it. Thanks to our crew over at [adult swim] Central for getting the info, and once again the folks from Williams Street. Hopefully we can continue to find out more riddles in the future. :)


August 28th, 2009

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12 oz. DVD Back in Shop!

August 28th, 2009

DVD: 12 oz. Mouse - Volume One
Click the image to purchase the 12 oz. DVD


Globalwide [as] Central Update -- CornDogCentral.com

March 3rd, 2009

Hey there. 12 oz. fans. Figured i'd post an update here... since there's obviously very little going on 12 oz. these days. :(

However, there's still a pretty active fanbase over at our forums (despite the latest forum upgrade turning the skin to shut.) so you can check that out.

...of course (and if you haven't yet) you can also pick up copies of 12 oz. Mouse: The Complete Series on DVD at WilliamsStreet.com:

DVD: 12 oz. Mouse - Volume One
Click the image to purchase the 12 oz. DVD

That's about all the news I can think of for now.

Also, if anyone has any extra change set aside for whatever... do consider donating to [as] Central. These are desperate times, obviously... and the server that hosts this site and many of the other [as] Central websites costs money. Anything will help: $5.. $1... $0.05....


Check out our other updates: ATHF - Perfect Hair Forever - Dethklok - Frisky Dingo - Squidbillies - [adult swim]


[as] Central @ San Diego Comic-Con

July 22nd, 2008, 12am EST

Dearest adult swimmers:

For the third year in a row, [as] Central will be infecting the San Diego Comic-Con with its own personal blend of pure unbridled insanity... and swag (as usual)

This year, however comes an added bonus: We will be trading and/or selling a select few Kid Robot figures (list of figures will be on hand at Comic-Con)

So basically it's whoever we run into first... just be on the lookout for some dude with the official AquaTeenCentral. com messenger bag.. around his arm. To help, here's a couple of possible places to find us...

Naturally, we'll have updates as they become availible.. stay tuned.

Have a great Comic-Con!
<3 [as]Central

P.S.: Brand New Swimcast Magnets will be availible (as swag) -- also new and improved ATC.com Classic and B&W magnets (also swag.)



Swimcast Covers Ozmo

March 30nd, 2008, 12am EST

Check it out here

And then check out more of the Swimcast right here



OZmothon DVD party

March 2nd, 2008, 3pm EST

Join us in the [adult swim] central chatroom on Sat march 8th at 6pm est. We're going to watch the entire DVD start to finish, and for the first time, discuss the conspiracy in real-time. There's also supposed to be a special guest showing up.

Use the Chat button at the top of the page to get there.

You can also use your own IRC client and go to irc.psigenix.net and /join #carl'spool.


February 22nd, 2008, 12pm EST

Do it.


October 31st, 2007

Attention Squidbillies Fans
October 16th, 2007, 12am EST

For more info, visit our sister site Squids Central
@ babydeathtrap.com



FanArt Deadline Updated (AGAIN)
  October 5th, 2007; 5pm EST

Fan Art deadline for the Ozmo DVD has been moved up to October 19th (a day before my birthday). You know the drill, send stuff to Ted, info below, yadda-yadda.

Now that the Shop is back, it's now projected that the DVD should be out this January. Stay tuned.


FanArt Deadline Updated
  September 7th, 2007; 5pm EST

This just in... the FanArt deadline has been updated until November 10th due to the unfortunate delay in the 12 oz. DVD set. Again, send your art using the info below. Send to Ted. The End.


...or is it?


Got FanArt?
  August 9th, 2007; 5pm EST

If you haven't been to the forums lately, [adult swim] has announced the fan art submission process for the upcoming(?) 12 oz. Mouse DVD box set. Click here to grab the submission form then follow these instructions below...

From the as.com boards (via SwimTorrent):

Dearest Mouse Fans,

The time has come for us to ask you for the most important of tasks... Sending us your fan art for the 12 oz. Mouse DVD.  Many of those who already frequent corndogcentral.com, already know that this has been coming, but you have until August 17th to send in your work in a digital format accompanied by the appropriate legal form.  Many thanks to you all. 

Please send everything to:

Ted Murphy
c/o Cartoon Network
1065 Williams St.
Atlanta Ga 30309

Please note that the file may print a tad too large. My suggestion would be to scale it in Photoshop... or whatever you used to create your fan art. Obviously you must have something to be submitting fan art... if not, then why are you? But yeah, do that thing... or print out a large poster-sized letter for legal to read. :)



New Things..... N-E-W
  June 14th, 2007; 6pm EST

Episode 21 Guide Online


New Fan Art Update

Check 'em out!


Hey, guess what's back?
  May 20th, 2007; 11pm EST


I updated the fan art section also. Check it out sometime.


Something to do next Wednesday
  January 19th, 2007; 12pm EST


Be There


Questions to interviews
  January 4th, 2007; 12pm EST

Hope you all had a very good New Years... now here's the top story...

Ozmo Central patron, Justin recently interview Matt Maiellaro... and was kind enough to let us post a link:

Here it be

A great read, in my opinion. Justin really asked many questions that some people are too yellow to ask.

-- Sentroid91





Stuff Happened
  December 18th, 2006; 2pm EST

Hey, it's me again. Well, Ozmo is over.... for now.... that we know of. Nikki and I should have the guide (for 20) up sooner or later. As for sounds... I honestly don't know. I can make them myself, but they'll be enormously large. If anyone wants to help out with that, hit me up on the electronic e-mail.

Also. After a weekend of resizings, zippings, and other hopeless ways of sending to me... Thom Foolery has passed along the 12. Oz interview he and a few other have done this past Friday, prior to Ep 20. Check it out right here. Enjoy.

Addendum: AT LONG LAST, Princess Cruiser is in the music section, along with a few others. Really enjoy.

-- Sentroid91


I back. :P
  November 9th, 2006; 5pm EST

Yeah I know. I haven't posted news in a while... mainly due to the fact that I was waiting for the whole server move. And here it is. I guess the other half is due to the fact that there are only about 5 eps left til the end of Ozmo. :(

But don't worry, this site will endure. Simply because of all the new goodies i've just added, more specifically in the fanart and music sections. Look for the ep guide section to open up soon. I've got one entry done already (minus sounds) so we'll see what happens there.

-- Sentroid91


A Public Service Announcement from Sentralizer Productions...
  November 3rd, 2006; 9pm EST

A new site? Could be, but for now, check out this sweet review of the new:

2 Disc DVD Box Set (In Stores Now)


This Week's Episode:
 October 20th, 2006; 3pm EST


Episode 12: Enjoy The Arm

Music soothes the savage.... spider.... thing....

This Sunday @ 12:45am EST [adult swim]
Also availible tonight @ 6pm on adultswim.com Fix


This Week's Episode:
 October 2nd, 2006; 2pm EST


Episode 11: Star Wars VII

What will happen next? Find out...

This Sunday @ 12:45am EST [adult swim]
Also availible tonight @ 6pm on adultswim.com Fix



More News
  October 11th, 2006; 4pm EST

Characters page is done. Thanks to Nikki_D for doing up the profiles and images.

Also... 2 for 2 on the Fan Review

I'll try to have a new clip of the week sometime soon.

-- Sentroid91

2 Ozmo Staffers Get Fan Reviews
(plus a 3rd gets a televised bump)
  October 2nd, 2006; 2pm EST

Hooray for us. Both myself and Nikki_D have gotten our reviews via the [adult swim] message board posted in the Fan Review section of the [as] website. Check 'em here.

Also, congrats to Explosivo for getting a bump on [adult swim] last night (Sunday.) Fun Stuff.

-- Sentroid91


Vid of the Week:

Fitz shows us his guns. Go check it out NOW.

-- Sentroid91


This Week's Episode:
  October 2nd, 2006; 2pm EST


Episode 10: Booger Haze

Is Mosquitor finally revealed? Find out this weekend.

This Sunday @ 12:45am EST [adult swim]
Also availible Friday @ 6pm on adultswim.com Fix


  September 28th, 2006; 12am EST

 Figured i'd dust these guys off since I made them last year. Hope y'all enjoy:

Fitz sings at Rhoda's
Fitz sings on top of the tank
Roostre's Corn Dog song
Skillet's drum solo



This Week's Episode:
  September 28th, 2006; 12am EST


Episode 9: Surgery Circus

Two Eyes?!?! MADNESS!!!!

This Sunday @ 12:45am EST [adult swim]
Also availible Friday @ 6pm on adultswim.com Fix



Newest site feature
  September 27th, 2006; 12am EST

Vid of the Week:

Peanut Cop explains the dangers of marijuana. Go check it out.

-- Sentroid91



It's like.... WOW....
  September 25th, 2006; 5pm EST

Well I guess you've finally hit it big when you get a site linked to adultswim.com :D
Anyways, welcome all as.com patrons who have clicked on the aformentioned link.. and also.. thank you to everyone on the Ozmo Central (what i'm officially calling the site) Forums and also people who have sent in Fan Art to me for your kind words, comments, etc.

Just remember: Before there was a 12 oz. site... there was an Aqua Teen one. :)

Also... there was a Perfect Hair site. :D

-- Sentroid91



Welcome to the site
  September 22nd, 2006; 11pm EST

After weeks of waiting this site is finally online. You'll notice a lot of the pages are blank... I hope to fix those in the not-too-distant future. Feel free to peruse the Forums as well as the Chat however. Thanks to all that have and still support this website and expect big things from yours truly and a soon to be named crack staff. Stay tuned. :)

-- Sentroid91


This Week's Episode:
  September 22nd, 2006; 11pm EST


                   *screenshot by duzitickle

Bowtime (Season Premier)

This Sunday @ 12:45am EST [adult swim]
Also availible now on adultswim.com Fix