Mouse Fitzgerald (Fitz)
(voiced by Matt Maiellaro)

The protagonist. This mouse loves to drink...and drink... drive some... get into shootouts... direct porn movies... play guitar.. then drink some more. He was apparently a government agent before being abducted by the shadowy figure and has a wife and child which he vaugely remembers in his flashbacks. He is slowly starting to piece together bit by bit his past and is searching for answers to the mystery that surrounds the town he now resides in and it's inhabitants.

Skillet (Night Moves)

A chinchilla (though Fitz calls him a squirrel)... Fitz's best friend and trusty sidekick. His skills include firearms, drumming, and of course drinking. He is able to shoot laser beams from his eyes and able to propel himself via rocket jets from his feet, which lead many to believe he has cybernetic implants or is a robot of some sort. There are some fans that have expressed suspicion of Skillet due to his apparent death in an explosion in episode 2: Signals and then just showing up on Fitz's doorstep with the divining coorndog in hand in  episode 3: Roostre.... though there have been several cases of apparent deaths in the show of others with them only to return like nothing happened.

(voiced by Adam Reed)

At the beginning of the show he is introduced as nothing more than Fitz's new employer who hires him to do odd jobs. Before long it becomes obvious that Shark is one of the top dogs in control of the town and plays a large role in the mysterious conspiracy. He is constantly watching everyone through his surveillance cameras that are placed through out the town by a small mechanical bug. He has a reluctant partnership with Rectangular businessman and they both are currently underlings of a yet unnamed Boss only reffered to as "he". Shark is a very intimidating presence in the town and it's obvious most of the inhabitants greatly fear him.

Rectangular Businessman (RBM, No Eye Square Guy)
(voiced by Kurt Soccolich)

His appearance is that of a pink rectangle (actually more square) with no eyes and a thick pair glasses. He is one of the more mysterious characters of the show. He is a business associate of Shark and is very rich (something he likes to remind people of on a regular basis). He is the one that does the brainwashing of the townspeople which was revealed in episode 5: Rememorized, in which it shows him in shark's office with a group of townspeople with devices attached to their heads and he mutters the phrase "Miglo limafla ver nim nim" causing their head devices to activate. He also seems to have the ability to use his mind to slice through objects, something poor Rhoda became a victim of in episode 7: Adventure mouse..  it is also suspect that he is the one resposible for splitting the head of the Record producer in episode 4: Spider.


A wall clock that no longer tells time but acts as a device utilized by Shark for delivering a mind controlling gas. It has the ability to slide around on the wall as well as teleport to other walls. It seems that it actually has a mind of it's own and is a henchman of Shark as opposed to simply a device.

(voiced by Scott Luallen)

The corndog farmer... a strange character with a muttled memory and a hook in place of one of his hands. Fitz encounters him after being led to his farm via a divining corndog. Roostre later reveals how he was hit with a traquilizing dart and abducted by a mysterious figure which is very similar with Fitz's flashbacks. Roostre says things on a couple occasions that suggest he may have even known Fitz previously which lead many to believe they were both former associates in whatever agency Fitz previously worked for. Roostre seems to know more than he's willing to let out. When Fitz is interrogating Rhoda in episode 7: Adventure mouse , Rhoda says "Roostre is the guy... he's the man... everything he touches goes bad." while an image of Roostre with flaming eyes is standing in what looks like hell, appears on the screen briefly. Roostre has a son that was revealed in a letter that Liquor got by mistake, that seems to have gone to great lengths to change himself into a mosquito and now goes by the name Mosquitor.

(voiced by Dave Willis)

The local bartender. She (as Shark mentions a few times,) serves up alot of town gossip which ends up putting her at odds with Shark, who Rhoda is terrified of. It leads to Shark sending Pronto after Rhoda at one point... later Fitz discovers a "dead" Rhoda full of arrows at the end of episode 5: Rememorized. In the following episode 6: Spharktasm..  Rhoda comes out from behind the bar claiming that the dead one was a fake... which led some to believe that the dead one was real and the one behind the bar was an imposter. However, later in that episode Rhoda calls Fitz to inform him that RBM entered the bar as Fitz asked him to... much to her dismay a displeased Shark had tapped into the line and Shark was the voice that answered saying "You're still alive I hear... it's gonna go hard for you Rhoda... your not gonna like what comes next" which turns out to be RBM slicing her in 1/2 with his mind power.... after her innards fall out onto a counter a snake slithers out of the body cavity.

(voiced by Bonnie Rosmarin)

This character usually appears in the form of a woman but is cappable of instantly changing shape into a man. She works for Shark/RMB as a signaler, alerting them to various things by letting out a loud blowhorn type sound. Her shape shifting powers are set into overdrive effectively dissabling her, oddly enough, by placing turkeys at her feet. In one odd scene where she is talking to Liquor at Shark's party in episode 7: Adventure mouse, he asks her about a book she is reading called Rules and notes that every book on the wall is called rules. She then says "Selur eht era selur" which is "Rules are the rules" spelled backwards. She was blown up in the cookie store in episode: 9 Surgery Circus, by Shark in which he remarked.. "Just a small taste of my mighty blackness".

(voiced by Matt Harrigan)

He runs the local liquor store. In episode 4: Spider, He recieves a letter by mistake that was ment for Roostre and was apparently from Roostre's son in which he explains that he is in the process of transforming himself into a mosquito and signs it Mosquitor. Liquor also is one of the only two people that calls Fitz by the name Fitz.. something that strikes Fitz as odd after Rooster calls him it as well in episode 7... is it possible Liquor knew Fitz as well previously? Liquor becomes a much more prominent character in episode 8: Bowtime, in which he lures Roostre into the basement of his store and knocks him out allowing Spider to bind him in a web. He also has a device that disrupts holograms that Shark and RBM create.

Peanut Cop
(voiced by Nick Weidenfeld)

He is a blue peanut shaped cop that is allways stoned. He appears throughout the series as mainly comic relief and has become good buddies with Golden Joe. He was apparently once (or possibly still is) under the employ of RBM. RBM remarked "He was the highest marksman in the class".

(voiced by Nick Ingkatanuwat)

A bizarre character that is a large eyeball with legs. He talks very slowly and pronouces the "I" sound as a drawn out "eye. He seems to have an association with Shark and RBM which hasn't been completely revealed... it's only speculative that he is a look out of some kind. In Episode 7: Adventure mouse he grates on Shark's nerves to the point to where he has his leg cut off by the Hand operating a large pair of clippers. He is later rescued by Fitz and taken to Liquor who surgically replaces his missing leg and finds out he has a twin Eye.

Pronto - the Archerist

He is Shark's assasin.. a skilled archer. He seems to be responsible for several killings... Rhoda in the bar... the Special Effects guy... as well as several of the townspeople. He is also seen retrieving the Hand from Fitz's icebox in episode 7: Adventure mouse whic is used to attack Eye with a large pair of clippers. In episode 8: Bowtime Shark sends him on a mission to kill someone "this time for real", but who is unknown at this point.

The New Guy

Has the appearance of a red ghost. Little has been revealed of this character other than he seems to have an obsession with Skillet and has hypnotic abilities. He's most notable for the infamous "Skillet torture scene" in which he kidnaps Skillet, ties him up in a room full of Skillet pictures on the walll, and does a strange hypnotic dance with a hoolahoop to the mesmerizing Tongo Hiti song "Princess Cruiser." He later rescues Skillet from being gassed by the Clock.

Golden Joe
(voiced by Vishal Roney)

He speaks with a loud echoing voice and uses cheesey HipHop-ish talk. He has the ability to go invisible and teleport. He first comes into play when Fitz is hired by Eye to get money that Golden Joe owed him. He later joins Roostre and Peanut cop at a party at Roostre's place and has become a good party buddy with Cop.

Annoying (Green Sweatered) Woman
(voiced by Melissa Warrenburg)

She appears in a few points in the series and does little more than be very annoying. She usually tells people what they aren't supposed to be doing in as annoying and repetative a manner as possible. She seems to have a knack for returning form the dead as she has been seen killed a few times in the series.

The Talent Scout / Record producer

(voiced by Matt Thompson)

He meets up with Fitz in episode 1: Hired and tries to hire him as an actor, then appears again in episode 4: Spider when Fitz and Skillet break into the record store to try and sign him to his record label, but is killed right after when his head is mysteriously severed in 1/2. It's speculated to be the work of RBM's mind powers in the same manner that he killed Rhoda. Once again he shows up alive at Sharks house in episode 8: Bowtime, and goes off into a crazy rant before being killed again... while it's not actually shown, it's hinted that RMB did it because you can hear the same sound that he made when he killed Rhoda.


A large spider that first appears inside Fitz's house in episode 4: Spider. It seems to be warning fitz about Pronto as it draws an arrow in webs on the wall. It also appears briefly in episode 7: Adventure mouse at Shark's party following Liquor around. In episode: 8 Bowtime, Spider ties Roostre up in a web and drags him off to a cave in episode 10: Booger Haze, where he begins to play the piano, creating a swarm of musical notes that act like buzzing insects that attack Fitz at Roostre's farm.

The Hand

The hand first appears in episode 4: Spider ...After Fitz shows Shark his new CD "F-off", Shark tells him "So you've been making records... cuz I've allways wanted to be in a band." Fitz says "No way... what do you play?" Shark relpies"I play with... Minds....shhhhh... go home and think about that.... and don't look under your bed." When Fitz gets home he finds the severed hand under his bed, then the phone rings with Shark on the other end saying "Did you find my record? You found it didn't you.... now spin it!" Fitz later puts the hand in his freezer. It appears again in episode 7: Adventure mouse as a seperate living thing or possibly being telekinetically controlled by RBM in which it operates a large pair of clippers to cut off Eye's leg. It later shows up at Liquors place hopping around until Liquor captures it in a Jar. It is speculated that this is the hand that Roostre lost.

Camera Bug

A small mechanical bug that scurries around on the walls and is used by Shark to plant the many cameras about town.


Mrs. Mouse Fitzgerald
(voiced by Liz Maiellaro)

A pink lady mouse that is obviously Fitz's wife. She shows up several times in Fitz's flashbacks... in one Fitz recieves a birthday gift from her and when opened turns out to be a hightech spy telescope instead of the bowtie she bought for him... shortly after the Shadow figure shows up in the doorway wearing the tie and hits her with a tranq dart. She also appears as a halogram in episode 8: Bowtime where she gives Fitz the tie, which suddenly turns into a spider like robot with a drill that attacks him.

Shadow Figure

This ominous mystery man appears in Fitz's flashbacks as the one who sedates and abducts him. His actual appearance is unknown but is simply seen as a odd looking human shaped shadow. Many suspect him to be the man incharge of the whole operation.


Other Characters:

The Black Beast - Subject of a movie that seems to be the only movie that shows on at the theatre in the town. It also randomly (or possibly not) flashes briefly on screen in an almost subliminal message form at several points through the episodes. It looks like a serpent with a fin and has a very large head with fangs.

Flying Creature (Mosquitor?)- In episode 7: Adventure mouse a weird creature can be seen flying in the sky above Fitz as he is travelling to Shark's party. Later at the party it appears again and sucks up a couple of the guests at the party through tubes it has sticking out of it... this could possibly be Mosquitor, as said in the letter Liquor read, it had attached tubes to it in which it could suck things through. Also notable to this theory.. the letter that Liquor was reading by Mosquitor had blood dripping from it. In ep 7 right after Fitz knocks out The New guy, he finds an invitation to Shark's party on the floor of Roostre's place, it had blood dripping from it in the same manner. This could suggest that Mosquitor had looked at the invite as well before he takes off for the party.

Birmingham (C.J. Muff) - A character briefly mentioned a couple times by Roostre, yet is hinted at being a very important figure in the plot. Rooster mentioned Birmingham quitting something called Q109, possibly a codename for the agency\branch they worked for. He says that Birmingham claims "they" were out to get him.

Special Effects Guy - He did the special effects for a movie called Black Beast and knows FItz.  Fitz mentions him in episode 2: Signals while talking to Golden Joe at Rhoda's bar. He tells Joe a plan about the special effects guy making a fake head of Joe to turn in to Shark. During this conversation though the Special Effects Guy is killed outside, apparently by Pronto.